The Dirty Thirties

1930 - 1939

This was a time of poverty, of making do with what you had. Farms were less than productive and motorized vehicles were reconstructed to be pulled by horses - Bennett buggies.

Nellie McClung Collection

Manitou Opera House - A History (1880)

Contains a collection of news articles and posters concerning a hundred years of performances at Manitou's Opera Houses.

    Nellie McClung - Historic Resources Branch 1985 (1880)

    A revision of the 1981 pamphlet documenting the life and legacy of Nellie McClung prepared by the Historic Resources Branch in 1985.

      Nellie McClung - Historical Resources Branch 1981 (1880)

      A pamphlet on the life and legacy of Nellie McClung prepared by the Historical Resources Branch in 1981.

        Nellie McClung - Ottawa Citizen & United Church Observer (1880)

        Article text and a collection of quotations prepared by the Archibald Historical Museum for use by the Ottawa Citizen and the United Church Observer in recognition of the Centennial of Nellie McClung's birth in 1973.

          Nellie McClung - Recalled to Life (1880)

          Published by the Manitoba Travel and Convention Association in 1965, this short photo essay summarizes the life and accomplishments of Nellie McClung, one of Canada's foremost suffragists.

            Nellie McClung Articles - Bette Mueller (1880)

            This short series of articles, written by Bette Mueller for the Manitou Western Canadian in 2015-16 were published in commemoration of the centennial of women receiving the right to vote in Manitoba.

              Nellie McClung Foundation (1880)

              This web site provides information on Nellie McClung's life and contribution to Canada. The site also contains teaching aids for eductators.