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Nellie L McClung - Recalled to Life - 2nd Edition

A memorial booklet featuring articles and photographs celebrating the life and times of Nellie L. McClung.


    Nellie McClung - Elsie McLachlan's Mock Parliament Memories (1910)

    Published in the Victoria Times Colonist, this reminiscence by a niece of Nellie McClung recalls her experience of hearing Nellie McClung in her role as Premier Roblin during the Mock Parliament performance at the Walker Theatre.


      Nellie McClung - Opening of Nellie McClung Collegiate (1963)

      A news article from the Manitou Western Canadian reporting the opening ceremonies of the Nellie McClung Collegiate in Manitou. 


        Nellie McClung Foundation (1880)

        This web site provides information on Nellie McClung's life and contribution to Canada. The site also contains teaching aids for eductators.


          Nellie McClung Night at Women's Place - Winnipeg 1973 (1973)

          Held in recognition of the Centennial of Nellie McClung's birth - from the Winnipeg Free Press.


            Nellie McClung Toastmistress Club 1967

            Photo of guests voewing the Club's charter.


              Parker Charles C - McClung Drug Store employee and owner

              Short biography of Manitou merchant Charles C Parker.


                Reid Joanne - WFP - McClung 1996

                News article on the legacy of Nellie L. McClung.


                  Simon Ilana - WFP - McClung 1996

                  News article on the legacy of Nellie L. McClung.


                    Speeches Scribler - Suffragists & McClung (1914)

                    This book contains a series of speechies which seem to be the opening arguments for a series of debates. Their topics are varied, but one is on the issue of Suffrage for Women. They were written in 1914 and 1915, just before the granting of suffrage in Manitoba.



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