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Connections - Writers and the Land - Nellie McClung

Featuring Nellie McClung, this article comes from a 1974 collection intended to introduce students to Manitoba authors.

    Hazel School District Football Team 1901

    Hazel School District's Football team won the Rogers' Cup in 1901. Among the players were Frank and Percy Hasselfield, whom Nellie McClung came to know well since she boarded with their family when she came to teach at Hazel School in 1890.

      Manitou Opera House - A History

      Contains a collection of news articles and posters concerning a hundred years of performances at Manitou's Opera Houses.

        Manitou Telephone Exchange

        A short history of the telephone exchange in Manitou with reference to the original subscribers. The MTS Archive has also donated a 1908 box telephone ro rhw Nellie McClung Heritage Site.

          Mathodist Church - Manitou - The People's Gospel and Praise Service ca 1897

          Pbulished for use in the Manitou Methodist Church in the period from 1896 to 1899, When the Rev J W Bell was serving the Manitou Community.

            McClung - House Move 1967

            A captioned photo from the Manitou Western Canadian documenting the move of the McClung house from Manitou to LaRiviere in 1967.

              McClung - Wes McClung Drug Store Postcards of Manitou

              A series of postcards distributed by the R W Mclung Drug Store in Manitou ca 1904 as a promotion of the community and of his business.

                McClung Houses at Archibald Historical Museum

                This article recognizeds the importance of the restoration and preservation work undertaken by the Wallcraft Family in order to preserve the Hasselfield Log House and the McClung House. The article includes photos anc several brochures produced for distribution to visitors to the houses while they were at the Museum.

                  McClung Memorial - Grey County

                  Photo of the memorial dedicated to Nellie McClung displayed in Grey County, Ontario.

                    McClung Nellie - Novelist

                    An article regarding Nellie McClung's role as a Canadian novelist published in 1991 by Western People.

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