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McClung Articles - Bette Mueller (1880)

This short series of articles, written by Bette Mueller for the Manitou Western Canadian in 2015-16 were published in commemoration of the centennial of women receiving the right to vote in Manitoba.


    McClung Houses at Archibald Historical Museum (1880)

    This article recognizes the importance of the restoration and preservation work undertaken by the Wallcraft Family in order to preserve the Hasselfield Log House and the McClung House. The article includes photos and several brochures produced for distribution to visitors to the houses while they were at the Museum.


      McClung Memorial - Grey County

      Photo of the memorial dedicated to Nellie McClung displayed in Grey County, Ontario.


        McClung Nellie - Novelist (1908)

        An article regarding Nellie McClung's role as a Canadian novelist published in 1991 by Western People.


          McClung Nellie L - Contest Reader

          A collection of McClung's writings used by the Women's Christian Temperance Union during public speaking competitions.


            McClung Nellie L. - Political Equality League - Time Links

            An educational resource regarding the Manitoba Political Equality League.


              McClung Plaque Unveiled in Wawanesa

              An article from the 2018 Gazette describing the dedication ceremony at the site of the wedding of Wes and Nellie McClung.


                McClung VRBCA - Hard to Reconstruct our Ideas

                Commentary on society's changing attitudes - ca 1925.

                The original document can be found in the Royal British Columbia Archive.


                  McClung, Nellie L - Graded School Curricula - McClung & McDowell

                  Grade by grade material on Nellie McClung corresponding to the Manitoba curriculum documents.


                    McClung, Nellie L - Jane Brown - Draft ca 1916 (1916)

                    Parts of two drafts of Nellie McClung's best known poem, in Nellie's won writing, found in the collection of the Manitoba Costume Museum.


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