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Darlingford 1920-1945 - W E Veals Photo Collection (1920)

A collection of photos taken by the Veals family which show scenes from Darlingford and district.


    Darlingford School Centennial 2010

    A memento of the Centennial celebration.


      Davidson Dr Isaac Herbert and Grace Shore (1880)

      A selection of photographs spanning their lives - Medical Football Team photos, photos of their home and farm at Manitou, articles and obituaries.


        Deloraine Theatre - Glass Slide Ads - ca 1930 - 1945

        Advertisements painted on glass intended for use in the projection room of the threatre.


          Dixon, Francis Fitz Roy - an article from "Canada's History".

          An article on the artist and his work.


            Dixon, Francis Fitz Roy - Manitoba Sketches - 1881-05

            A collection sketches by Dixon from the time he was in Millford, Manitoba and in other areas of the province.


              Douglas, Thomas - Fifth Earl of Selkirk

              Booklet published by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation, Historic Resources Branch.

              Please recognize the attitudes expressed in these bulletins may not reflect current attitudes.


                Dr. Salsbury - Manual of Poultry Diseases (1950)

                A ca 1950 manual for detection of disease in poultry.


                  Drawing the Line - Ben Kroeker

                  Kroeker's photographic study of the reenactment of the Boundary Commission's journey and the celebration of the NWMP journey west.


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