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Excerpt; British American Boundary Commission and the 49th Metis Rangers

A discussion of the role of Metis Scouts who worked with the British-American Boundary Commission as it surveyed the 49th parallel.

    Facts Concerning the Famous Southern Manitoba Improved Farms

    This real estate bulletin, published by agent W. H. Sharpe, highlights issues of interest to prospective farmers at the turn of the century.

      Farming at Fairbrook

      This collection of Lea Family photographs indicates how farming practices, and especially machinery, has changed over the past hundred years.

        Fort Pembina

        A short history of the forts erected at the mouth of the Pembina River on thr Red River.

          Fort Pembina

          A short review of the history of Fort Pembina, North Dakota. Several forts competed for the fur trade at the mouth of the Pembina River beginning ca 1800.

            Hazel School District Football Team 1901

            Hazel School District's Football team won the Rogers' Cup in 1901. Among the players were Frank and Percy Hasselfield, whom Nellie McClung came to know well since she boarded with their family when she came to teach at Hazel School in 1890.

              Hitch Horses - How to

              A how-to pamphlet created by the Manitoba Department of Agriculture to teach the techniques of harnessing horses.

                Ilets de Bois / Carman - Metis Scrip Applications

                Researched by Lawrence Barkwell, this is a list of the Metis Scrip Applications fro the Ilets de Bios and Carman districts.

                  Immanuel lutheran Church 50th Celebration - Baldur MB

                  The programme of the 50th Celebration of the Immanuel Luthernan Church held in Baldur in 1957.

                    IOOF Lodge #42 Manitou - Membership Records

                    This is a listing of the members of the International Order of Foresters Lodge #42, Manitou Manitoba.

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