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Faryon, Thring - Pioneer Days in Belmont District

A memoir written in the mid 1950s by Thring Faryon concerning their first few years in the Belmont District.

    Pioneer Sketches - A Short Story and Occasional Verse

    Steini Olson married Freida Thorleifson. He wrote his memoirs of their time in the district south and eat of Langruth after their arrival in Manitoba.

      Olafur Thorleifson & Gudbjorg Sesselja Gudnadottir

      This document provides a short summary of the lives of the family in Iceland and describes the first generations in Canada.

        Thorfinnur Johanneson & Karolina Ranveig Andresdottir - Their Story

        This reminiscence includes memories of Thorfinnur and Karolina and their family in the voices of several of their descendents.

          Thorfinnur Johannesson & Karolina Andresdottir - Iceland Heritage

          This social history is based on Icelandic Census Data and outlines the experiences of the family on several farms in Breiddalur, Iceland.

            Olson - Landnámspættir

            An family history written in Icelandic by S B Olson. 

              Historical Sketches of Argyle Municipality - Photographs

              The project photographer, Norman Gilbert, worked with Al Thorleifson to prepare the collection of photographs to be included in the book.

                Historical Sketches of Argyle Municipality - Text

                This short history of the community, based on information available at that time, was written and published by a group of Baldur High School students under the direction of Grace Beauchamp as a Centennial project.

                  Baldur Intermediate School - 1905 Commemorative Program

                  This program was published to commemorate the opening of the Baldur Intermediate School which replaced Simpson School in 1905.

                    Grund Lutheran Church - 15th September 1974

                    This commemorative bulletin summarizes the history of the Grund Church community.

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