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Gottfred - Our Family Tree - 1971

This Genealogy  of the Gottfred family was collected by Vilmar and Hilda Magnusson in 1971.


    Johanneson Reunion Comments 1994 - Clarence Johannesson

    As chair of this reunion, Clarence shared memories of his time living with Thorfinnur and Karolina, his grandparents.


      Postcard - Manitou Main Street 1908

      Posted to England, this scene shows the reconstructed block on the left, but before the addition of the advertisement which was painted on the north wall late in 1908.


        Diana Icelandic Pioneer Cemetery

        This small rural cemetery, now surrounded by pasture, once served the small Icelandic community in the Diana district.


          Thorleifson, Ian - How Strong is a Polar Bear's Memory

          Recounts a story of Ian's experience working as a 'Polar Bear Policeman' at Churchill, Manitoba.


            Thorleifson, Ian & Barb Dalton - Unpleasant Surprises n Guatemala

            Describes their experiences while touring in Central Manitoba in the 1970's.


              Thorleifson, Ian - Bio

              A short biography of Ian Thorleifson as a wildlife expert and tour guide.


                Thorleifson, Ian - Making the best of it, DC3 Crash

                Recounts Ian's experience with f flying mishap in northern Manitoba.


                  Thorleifson, Ian - Maral Farmers and Velvet Doctors of Altai

                  Ian toured Kazakstan as a part of his work with the Elk industry in Western Canada.


                    Thorleifson, Ian - Perils of Moose Calling

                    Ian Recounts an experience with a Moose while working as a tour guide in Northern Manitoba.


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