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Thora's Recipes the Older Version

Thora Johannesson/Thorleifson/Gunnlaugson created this first version of her Icelandic Canadian Recipes in the early 1980s.

    Eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred

    This typed copy of the eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred came to us through Lena Thorleifson's collection of documents. Sigurborg was Lena's mother. We do not know who gave the eulogy at her funeral.

      JOHANNESSON, Paul - Attestation Papers

      The collection of administrative papers associated with his war experience.

        Jon Kristjan Reykdal and Sigurborg Petursson

        A description of their ancestry and of their family's lif together.

          Thora's Icelandic Canadian Recipes

          One of two collections of recipes hand written and illustrated. Print out your own copy and colour the pictures, if you would like!

            When Great Grandfather Came to Manitoba - Thora Gunnlaugson

            A childrens' story describing the journey of the emigrants from Iceland and the process of settng up homesteads in Manitoba. Written and illustrated by Thora Johannesson/Thorleifson/Gunnlaugson.

              Olson, S. B. and Frida Thorleifson - Family History

              A short history by Lisa Stepp with details provided by Bruce Olson.

                Thorleifson, Allan Olafur - Canadian Army Soldiers Service Book 1939 - 1945

                Every serviceman in the Second World War was required to carry a Service Book which recorded medical and operational information of his service. This document provided the first indication that Allan's health may have been jeopardized by his service while in England.

                  Storm, Gudrun Jonsdottir - Homestead Papers

                  Gudrun Jonsdottir Storm was one of the few women who were granted Homesteads in Manitoba. These documents include some of the reports on her homestead application collected by the Homestead office.

                    Asmundur Asmundson: Man Without Feet

                    Asmundur, who lived his final years with Siggi and Sena Anderson, lost his feet in a snow storm in Iceland, yet survived to live a productive life in the Baldur District.

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