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Manitou Gas Company Papers

This series of documents provides background on the Manitou Gas Company as well as on its dissolution after electricity was brought to town. R W McClung was one of the major investors.

    Manitou Sun - Manitou Community Promotional Brochure

    This 1905 brochure, published while Wes McClung was on the town council, provides background information on the town and municipality as well as space for many advertisements for local merchants.

      Pringle, Violet Myrtle nee Hinchey – grave photo

      This is a grave photo for Violet Myrtle Pringle, nee Hinchey, 1925-10-03 to 2017-11-06

        The Scalping of Marguerite Trottier - 1809

        A short history of this event.

          Peter Rindisbacher - An Artist on Tour in the West

          A collectuon of works of art painted by Rindisbacher during his time in the west.

            Flemming John - Sketch Artist 1857

              The Palliser Expedition

              A segment of the Palliser Expedition journal of John Palliser emphasizing the Manitoba componsent of his journey - 1857 - 1859.

                Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis via the Souris River -1858

                A journal of the Hind Expedition through Manitoba taken in 1858.

                  Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis 1858

                  A summary of the Hind Expedition's general report of the journey along the Assiniboine River to Saskatchewan in 1858.

                    Country Guide and Nor'West Farmer Workshop Scrapbook 1942

                    A collection of do-it-yourself repairs and construction hints for the prairie farmer. This document gives a hint of the working lives of the farm communities of the time.

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