Named after the Viking god of beauty, this community is the home of the Baldur Gazette.

Gottfred - Our Family Tree - 1971 (1880)

This Genealogy  of the Gottfred family was collected by Vilmar and Hilda Magnusson in 1971.


    Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir (1880)

    This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.


      Johanneson Reunion Comments 1994 - Clarence Johannesson (1880)

      As chair of this reunion, Clarence shared memories of his time living with Thorfinnur and Karolina, his grandparents.


        Johannesson, Gudlaug ne Helgason - Memoir (1893)

        Gudlaug Helgason was raised near Churchbridge Saskatchewan and in the Grund District of Southern Manitoba. After her marriage to George Johannesson, the couple moved to the West Coast.


          Jon Kristjan Reykdal and Sigurborg Petursson - Their Story (1880)

          A description of their ancestry and of their family's life together.


            Olafur Thorleifson & Gudbjorg Sesselja Gudnadottir - Their Story (1880)

            This document provides a short summary of the lives of the family in Iceland and describes the first generations in Canada.


              Parsonage Family History - 1999 (1880)

              A commemorative summary of the history of the family of Everett and Bethea Parsonage including a Blackburn Family HIstory Update.


                Sigrun Sveinsson Isberg - Memoir (1920)

                Sigrun Sveinsson Isberg was raised in the Mimir School District in Argyle Municipality. This memoir focuses on farm and community life in the 20's and 30's.


                  Storm, Gudrun Jonsdottir - Family History (1880)

                  Gudrun Jonsdottir Storm was one of the few women in the settlement period to be granted a homestead. She and her family lived in the Grund district of Southern Manitoba.


                    Storm, Gudrun Jonsdottir - Homestead Papers (1880)

                    Gudrun Jonsdottir Storm was one of the few women who were granted Homesteads in Manitoba. These documents include some of the reports on her homestead application collected by the Homestead office.


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