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Nellie McClung Articles - Bette Mueller

This short series of articles, written by Bette Mueller for the Manitou Western Canadian in 2015-16 were published in commemoration of the centennial of women receiving the right to vote in Manitoba.

    Pilot Mound - A Brief History

    A summary of historical and legendary information regarding the Pilot Mound.

      Snowflake UCW - Handkerchief Sale

      A card announcement inviting donors to provide handkerchiefs of a church fund-raising sale.

        Darlingford Main Street - Postcard

        Date Unknown

          Manitou Builders - Mueller & Butterfield

          A survey of early architectural styles in homes built by Manitou's best known architect/builders. 

            Special Places - Manitou and Pembina Municipality

            One of the first projects reviewing the architectural heritage of the Pembina Municipality. Although the project was completed in conjunction with Manitoba Heritage, most of the local research was carried out by Bette Mueller.

              Manitou Gas Company Plant - Seven Drawings

              An architectural survey of the Manitou Gas Company Plant building. This project was a partnership between the Pembina Manitou Culture and Heritage Association and Heritage Manitoba. 

                Selwyn, Alfred Henry – obituary

                This is an obituary for Alfred Henry Selwyn, 1891-11-20 to 1979-05-04

                  Shewfelt, Joanna nee MacKay – obituary

                  This is an obituary for Joanna Shewfelt, nee MacKay, 1881 to 1974-01-26

                    Stevens, Alfred Frederick – obituary

                    This is an obituary for Alfred Frederick Stevens, 1839-02-02 to 1903-04-25

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