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Chicken Hill School 1895-96

A photo of students taken at chicken Hill School - school year 1895-96.

    184th Battalion CEF - Recognition Day 2016

    In May 2016, the community of Manitou paid tribute to the 184th Battalion CEF on the 100th Anniversary of the Farewell Muster held in Manitou on the May Long Weekend 1916. A memorial service was held at the Manitou Opera House and a Heritage Fair in the Gymnasiom of the Nellie McClung Collegiate.

      184th Battalion - Edward John Kroetsch

      A collection of documents including attestation papers and invalid documentation  summarizing his WWI experiences.

        Beygrau Paul T -in Berkeley California - The Inspired Madness of the Plaster Palace

        This tour through the house Beygrau designed, built and decorated in Berkeley, Californis gives a sense of the style of his art works.

          184th Battalion - Kroetsch, Franklin Louis

          Photo and attestation papers, including invalid records associated with his WWI experience.

            Sprung, Robert I – grave photo

            This is a grave photo for Robert I Sprung, 1854-06-12 to 1922-08-20

              Buchannan, Frank J - McKenzie District Recollections

              Recollections of Frank J Buchannan who arrived in the McKenzie District of Southern Manitoba as a child in the 1880s.

                Soldiers of the Soil - 1918

                Brochure published in 1918 by the Province of Ontario Organization of Resources Committee to encourage farmers to produce more food for the troops in Europe.

                  Mountain School District #367 Documents

                  This collection of historical documents includes photographs, teacher contracts, and the Arbitration Award at consolidation in 1962.

                    Ruttanville Postal District - Manitoba

                    This document is a short history of the Ruttanville community - documents collected by Lois Creith.

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