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World War I

1914 - 1918

A review of the World War I experience from a local point of view.

Community Histories

Darlingford War Memorial - Attestation - France

A listing of those servicemen from the Darlingford, Manitoba area who served in France during WWI.


    Darlingford War Memorial - Attestation - Killed in Action -

    A listing of those servicemen from the Darlingford, Manitoba area who died in service during WWI.


      Historical Sketches of Argyle Municipality - Text (1880)

      This short history of the community, based on information available at that time, was written and published by a group of Baldur High School students under the direction of Grace Beauchamp as a Centennial project.


        In The Beginning of Scratching River (1870)

        A History of the Community of Morris written by Tim Lewis.


          Jon Kristjan Reykdal and Sigurborg Petursson - Their Story (1880)

          A description of their ancestry and of their family's life together.


            Kaleida School Minutes 1902 to 1948 Part one (1902)

            Record of the decisions of the board of trustees of the Kaleida School District.


              Manitoba Mounted Rifles - 18th Snowflake MB

              Selection of photos and documents associated with the Manitoba Mounted Rifles contingents who served in the Pembina Manitou district.


                Manitou (Archibald) Cemetery Files 2015 (1883)

                This file, updated to summer of 2015, contains records in the posession of the Municipality of Pembina along with information displayed on the grave markers in the Cemetery.


                  Manitou Normal School - Short History (1892)

                  This short history of the Manitou Normal Schools was taken from the community history 'Come Into Our Heritage' published in 1997.


                    Soldiers of the Soil - 1918 (1914)

                    Brochure published in 1918 by the Province of Ontario Organization of Resources Committee to encourage farmers to produce more food for the troops in Europe.


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