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Community Histories

Captured Memories - Louise Municipality (1880)

A collection of heritage photographs taken during the settlement period in the Municipality of Louise in Southern Manitoba.



    Manitoba Buffalo Hunting Trails (1880)

    This short article outlines the two best known trails used by the buffalo hunters as they wended their way from the Red River Settlement to the Missouri for the annual buffalo hunt.


      Memoirs & Memories

      Panting, Gerald - A Historical Survey of Southern Manitoba 24 - George Gilbert - Clearwater 1953 (1880)

      The primary purpose of this research project, undertaken by Gerald Panting in 1953 for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, was to discover what historical materials were still extant in the South Central district of Manitoba at that time. The secondary purpose was to obtain information about the pioneer days from people who knew about that period from first hand.

      Files have been named based on the community - from Morden to Killarney - in which the pioneer lived in 1953, not according to where they originally settled.



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