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Community Histories

Boundary Trails Heritage Region - Signing Ceremony - Photos

The signing ceremony creating the Boundary Trails Heritage Region in Manitoba took place in Clearwater on June 25, 1993.


    Boundary Trails Heritage Region - Trail Ride Photos

    A collection of photos taken of heritage sites and events along the route of the Boundary  Trails Heritage Region Trail from Emerson to the Turtle Mountains.


      Canada 1812 - 1871 The Formative Years

      This booklet, originally published by Imperial Oil, provides an understanding of the culture of Southern Ontario in the 19th Century. Many of the original settlers of the Pembina Manitou District came from Southern Ontario in the 1880's.


        Captured Memories - Louise Municipality (1880)

        A collection of heritage photographs taken during the settlement period in the Municipality of Louise in Southern Manitoba.


          Clearwater - The Old Town - 1876-1885

          A short history of the community of Clearwater, Manitoba.


            Clearwater MB - CPR Tressel - S. A. Veals - 1903 (1903)

            The iconic photo of this early Manitoba railway tressel.


              Clearwater Red & White 1930 - Sale Bill

              This sale bill from 1930 gives an idea of the prices paid for goods in rural Manitoba during the Depression.


                CPR Railway Photos - Manitou to Clearwater 1900-1970 (1880)

                A collection of photos of railway scenes spanning many years and along the CPR line from Manitou to Clearwater.


                  Drawing the Line - Ben Kroeker

                  Kroeker's photographic study of the reenactment of the Boundary Commission's journey and the celebration of the NWMP journey west.


                    La Riviere Manitou Station on Main Museum - Partnerships with Museums 2021 - La Riviere to Lyleton (1880)

                    This monograph is intended to highlight the museum's history, its relationship to the other communities on the line, and pointing out some of the anecdotes from along the line. It was published by the Pembina Manitou Archive and the Boundary Trail National Heritage Region as part of the Partnerships with Museums 2021 project. 

                    Financial support was provided by the Government of Manitoba.

                    It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

                    Price $25

                    Shipping and Handling $15.


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