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Avery's Park, Rock Lake

Formerly, a well-known summer vacation spot in Southern Manitoba.

Photos & Art Work

Hime H L - Photographer - Hind Expedition (1858)

The collection of photographs taken by H. L. Hime during the summer of 1858 while in service of the Hind Expedition to Red River, Manitoba and Assiniboia.


    Postcard - #34 Avery's at Rock Lake 1929 (1880)

    For dancing and for summer fun, Avery's Resort was the destination for decades.


      Postcard - On the Beach at Rock Lake ca 1910 (1880)

      Rock Lake has been a favourite fishing and vacationing spot for over a century.


        Postcard - Rock Lake near Pilot Mound 1907 (1880)

        A scene through the oak trees at Rock Lake, Manitoba.