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Postcard - Sunset at Manhattan Beach 1929

Manhattan Beach has been a popular summer getaway for over a century.


    Postcard - Manitou Main Street 1908

    Posted to England, this scene shows the reconstructed block on the left, but before the addition of the advertisement which was painted on the north wall late in 1908.


      Postcard - On the Beach at Rock Lake ca 1910

      Rock Lake has been a favourite fishing and vacationing spot for over a century.


        Postcard - #34 Avery's at Rock Lake 1929

        For dancing and for summer fun, Avery's Resort was the destination for decades.


          Postcard - Rock Lake near Pilot Mound 1907

          A scene through the oak trees at Rock Lake, Manitoba.


            Postcard - Boat Landing at Ninette, Manitoba ca 1905

            A lakeside scene near to vacation community of Ninette Manitoba.


              Postcard - Killarney Lake, Manitoba ca 1930

              A view along the lake at Killarney, a popular vacation spot in south west Manitoba.


                Allan Thorleifson - Photos from Edna's collection

                A series of photos from Edna's collection. Majority are from the 1940s.