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Situated in the west side of Lake Manitoba, Langruth was homesteaded, among others, by a large group of Icelanders.

Memoirs & Memories

Eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred (1880)

This typed copy of the eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred came to us through Lena Thorleifson's collection of documents. Sigurborg was Lena's mother. We do not know who gave the eulogy at her funeral.


    Gottfred - Our Family Tree - 1971 (1880)

    This Genealogy  of the Gottfred family was collected by Vilmar and Hilda Magnusson in 1971.


      Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir (1880)

      This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.


        Oddson, Sigrun - Knitting Samples

        A scrapbook of samples illustrating techniques of knitting.