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Situated in the west side of Lake Manitoba, Langruth was homesteaded, among others, by a large group of Icelanders.

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Gottfred - Our Family Tree - 1971 (1880)

This Genealogy  of the Gottfred family was collected by Vilmar and Hilda Magnusson in 1971.


    Hagi - home farm of Gudbjorg Sessilina Gudnadottir (1880)

    A short history of the farm in Icelandic.


      Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir (1880)

      This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.


        Olson - Landnámspættir (1880)

        An family history written in Icelandic by S B Olson. 


          Olson, S. B. and Frida Thorleifson - Family History (1880)

          A short history by Lisa Stepp with details provided by Bruce Olson.


            Pioneer Sketches - A Short Story and Occasional Verse (1880)

            Steini Olson married Freida Thorleifson. He wrote his memoirs of their time in the district south and eat of Langruth after their arrival in Manitoba.


              Thorleifson, Oddur - brother to Olafur (1880)

              Several documents pertaining to the Icelandic members of the family.