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Situated in the west side of Lake Manitoba, Langruth was homesteaded, among others, by a large group of Icelanders.

Community Histories

Canada 1812 - 1871 The Formative Years

This booklet, originally published by Imperial Oil, provides an understanding of the culture of Southern Ontario in the 19th Century. Many of the original settlers of the Pembina Manitou District came from Southern Ontario in the 1880's.


    Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir (1880)

    This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.


      Langruth MB Women's Institute - A History

      A short history of the organizaton in the community.


        Oddson, Sigrun - Knitting Samples

        A scrapbook of samples illustrating techniques of knitting.


          People and Progress - the Co-op Story (1880)

          Don Slimmon's history of the development of the co-op movement in Manitoba celebrates the cooperation and hope of the pioneers.


            Pioneer Sketches - A Short Story and Occasional Verse (1880)

            Steini Olson married Freida Thorleifson. He wrote his memoirs of their time in the district south and eat of Langruth after their arrival in Manitoba.


              World War II - Darlingford School Heritage Museum (1939)

              A collection of photos and documents from the Darlingford School Heritage Museum.