McKenzie School District # 235 Manitoba Archive MES2 McKenzie 235 N21884

Architectural Heritage

AK-Kingsley_Laing House - Jim Willox mason (1896)

Built in 1896, this was probably the last of the stone houses built by Jim WIllox in the district.

    Memoirs & Memories

    Buchanan Collection - Recollections (1880)

    An anonymous series of recollections about early days in the district.

      Community Histories

      Buchanan Collection - This Business of Farming - Part 1 (1890)

      A collection of documents concerning the Buchanan farming operation from the 1890s to the 1920s.


        CRAIN, Percy Lewis - Roll of Honour - Letters (1914)

        A collection of letters written by Percy Crain during his time in Europe during WWI.

          Photos & Art Work

          Gurst, Cecil F - LaRiviere Photos (1900)

          Several photos of the town of LaRiviere from the Cecil Guest glass negatives.

            Cemetery Maps/Lists

            McKenzie Cemetery (1880)

            The McKenzie Methodist Cemetery no longer sxists; all stones and markers were cleared and the site turned into a field by a previous owner.

              Nor'West Farmer

              Nor'West Farmer 1929 - Selections (0)

              Published in Winnipeg, the Nor'West Farmer emphasized the latest in agricultural research and applied these ideas to real farms. Articles taught do-it-yourself repair and maintenance and raught new techniques in animal husbandry and seeding/harvesting. Along with this there was a sense of fun and games, a real family-based farming digest.

              Use our site's search capability for a list of the Nor'West Farmer issues on file.


                Pembina Municipality Section/Township/Range Map - North East quadrant with Index (1880)

                Published in 2000, this map shows all of the rural schools in the Pembina Municipality.

                  Audio & Video

                  Pembinaires - Wagon Wheels (1966)

                  Lea Collection - A recording from 1966 featuring Laurie Lea, Percy Lea, George Sanders, and Dr John Boxall.

                    Family Narratives

                    Reflections on an Old Stone House - Lynne Windsor (1895)

                    This memoir is Lynne Windsor's reflections on the life and times of her grandparents, Francis & Elizabeth Windsor.