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Thorleifson, Ian - Grizzly Bears in Manitoba (1979)

Recounts one of Ina's experiences tracking grizzly bears in Manitoba.


    Thorleifson, Ian - Hey Grizzly - Gimme Back my Caribou (1980)

    Recounts an incident with a Grizzly while tour guiding in Northern Manitoba.


      Thorleifson, Ian - How Strong is a Polar Bear's Memory (1979)

      Recounts a story of Ian's experience working as a 'Polar Bear Policeman' at Churchill, Manitoba.


        Thorleifson, Ian - Making the best of it, DC3 Crash (1980)

        Recounts Ian's experience with f flying mishap in northern Manitoba.


          Thorleifson, Ian - Maral Farmers and Velvet Doctors of Altai (1980)

          Ian toured Kazakstan as a part of his work with the Elk industry in Western Canada.


            Thorleifson, Ian - Perils of Moose Calling (1980)

            Ian Recounts an experience with a Moose while working as a tour guide in Northern Manitoba.


              Thorleifson, Ian - Polar Bears to Mexico City Zoo, 1984 (1980)

              A trip Ian took while working as a 'polar bear policeman' in Churchill, Manitoba.


                Thorleifson, Ian - Six Grizzly Bears in Manitoba (1980)

                Recounts some of Ian's experiences with Grizzly Bears in Manitoba.


                  Thorleifson, Ian - Tearing Apart a Beaver Dam (1980)

                  Ian recounts an experience with a relentless crew of beaver.


                    Thorleifson, Ian - Wild Action on a Chilly Night (1980)

                    Recounts experiences with some rather unsavory characters.


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