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This is a listing of all Manitoba newspaper which we currently are aware are available online. We will pdate the listing as we become aware of changes.

    Beygrau Paul T - Manitou Works of Art - 1896-1905

    Paul Beygrau, artist, engineer, left an impressive legacy in the three years he was in Manitou. His art works on the walls of the Cassin House Hotel impressed guests until its fiery destruction in 1959. 

    Details of his work on the Robson House have been photographed by the Sharpe family during renovations on the house. His only remaining work is the drawing he did of the Manitou Curling Club members, drawn in 1894.

      Diana Icelandic Pioneer Cemetery

      This small rural cemetery, now surrounded by pasture, once served the small Icelandic community in the Diana district.

        Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir

        This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.

          Manitou Normal School - Building Site Photos

          Normal School Classes in Manitou were held in three buildings over time. This short article includes photos of all three sites.

            McClung Houses at Archibald Historical Museum

            This article recognizeds the importance of the restoration and preservation work undertaken by the Wallcraft Family in order to preserve the Hasselfield Log House and the McClung House. The article includes photos anc several brochures produced for distribution to visitors to the houses while they were at the Museum.

              Pembina Crossing - Photo Collection

              A collection of photographs of Pembina Crossing in its early days.

                Providing Context - The Cecil Guest Collection

                This article with photographs is intended to provide information on the life and experiences of Cecil F Guest while he was in Southern Manitoba. The documents concerning his life are now much more accessible because of the work of such groups as Ancestry.UK.

                  Samuel Cruthers and family - Photos and Memorabilia

                  This collection on documents and memorabilia provide s snapshot of the lives of Manitou's first mayor and his family.

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                    Thorfinnur Johannesson & Karolina Andresdottir - Iceland Heritage

                    This social history is based on Icelandic Census Data and outlines the experiences of the family on several farms in Breiddalur, Iceland.

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