Pre-European Settlement

0 - 1880

Includes articles which reflect on the development of the structure of our province, its geological evolution.

Memoirs & Memories

Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis 1858

A summary of the Hind Expedition's general report of the journey along the Assiniboine River to Saskatchewan in 1858.


    Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis via the Souris River -1858

    A journal of the Hind Expedition through Manitoba taken in 1858.


      John Fleming - Canadian Expedition Sketch Artist 1857-58

      This document includes the journal entry ‘Itinerary” version of Henry Youle Hind’s two week long journey from Fort Garry to Fort Ellice via the Souris River, during the summer of 1858. The art work is by John Flemming.


        John Flemming - Sketch Artist - Along the Fur Trade Routes

        John Fleming was employed as a Provincial Land Surveyor when invited to  accompany Professor Henry Youle Hind on his Canadian Red River, Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expeditions of 1857‐58, sent to assess the settlement potentials of the Hudson’s Bay Company Rupertsland territories. As the Hind Expedition’s “Assistant Surveyor and Draughtsman” Fleming’s responsibilities included making sketches to be utilized by Hind in his final report. The images in this collection are from among those he completed during this expedition.


          Peter Rindisbacher - An Artist on Tour in the West

          A collectuon of works of art painted by Rindisbacher during his time in the west.


            T'was Once a Teeming Highway

            A History of the Boundary Commission Trail by Felix Kuehn.


              The Palliser Expedition

              A segment of the Palliser Expedition journal of John Palliser emphasizing the Manitoba componsent of his journey - 1857 - 1859.


                The Scalping of Marguerite Trottier - 1809

                A short history of this event.


                  The Wanderings and Sufferings of John Pritchard 1805

                  A memoir of his time in the west.