The Twenties

1918 - 1929

Post first war mechanization and the modernization of farming.

Architectural Heritage

1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource (2012)

This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

    AD-Darlingford_Darlingford Town Scenes (1900)

    A collection of photos from the Darlingford School Heritage Museum emphasizing architecture and community activities.

      Archibald District History (1880)

      A selection of photographs, memoirs, and historical sketches concerning the Archibald Methodist (United) Church, the Archibld School District, and its early settlers in Southern Manitoba.

        Archibald Methodist Church - A Historical Sketch (1880)

        A collection of documents and photographs collected at the time of the dedication of the restored church at Archibald Historical Museum.

          Beygrau Paul T & Luther Burbank In Memorium (1920)

          Beygrau, in later life, worked with Luther Burbank in his gardens. Their friendship led to Beygrau managing the development of Burbank's Gardens after Burbank's death.

          Document from the Sonoma County Library.

            Beygrau Paul T -in Berkeley California - The Inspired Madness of the Plaster Palace (1920)

            This tour through the house Beygrau designed, built and decorated in Berkeley, Californis gives a sense of the style of his art works.

              Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - 1930 Commemorative Booklet (1880)

              A commemorative booklet which features photos of legislative officials over the past 60 years, comments on provincial development, and photos of regional interest.

                Manitou's CPR Log House (1884)

                This article tells the story of Manitou's CPR Log Cabin, built in 1884 to house the railway workers then building the line west to LaRiviere. Ths article also tells of some of the posple who lived in the Log Cabin aver the past century, and of the Cabin's transition to become the Pembina Manitou  Log Cabin Tourism Centre.

                  Manitou's Gas House (1906)

                  Lorne Thompson's report on the Manitou Gas House, which provided lighting to the homes and businesses of the community from 1906 to 1928, contains illustrations and photograph of the machinery used to produce the acetylene gas. The Gas House itself is one of Manitou's heritage buildings.

                    Special Places - Manitou and Pembina Municipality (1880)

                    One of the first projects reviewing the architectural heritage of the Pembina Municipality. Although the project was completed in conjunction with Manitoba Heritage, most of the local research was carried out by Bette Mueller.