The Dirty Thirties

1930 - 1939

This was a time of poverty, of making do with what you had. Farms were less than productive and motorized vehicles were reconstructed to be pulled by horses - Bennett buggies.

Architectural Heritage

1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource (2012)

This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

    AD-Darlingford_Darlingford Town Scenes (1900)

    A collection of photos from the Darlingford School Heritage Museum emphasizing architecture and community activities.

      AM-Main_339 Main Street_Manitou Post Office - Manitou Main Street (1939)

      One of the Pembina Manitou District's significant buildings.

        Archibald District History (1880)

        A selection of photographs, memoirs, and historical sketches concerning the Archibald Methodist (United) Church, the Archibld School District, and its early settlers in Southern Manitoba.

          MaGee, Gordon F - and the Manitou Opera House (1930)

          Gordon MaGee and his father built homes around Manitou from about 1890 to 1911. Gordon moved to Winnipeg, but was asked to design the 'new' Opera House when it was built in 1930.

            Manitou Opera House 1930 - Architectural Drawings (1930)

            The Manitou Opera House was designed by G F Magee and built by Blackburn Construction of Pilot Mound Manitoba in 1930.

              Manitou Opera House 1930 - Blueprints (1930)

              These blueprints were prepared by a former Manitou carpenter, Gordon Mcgee in preparation for the construction of the Manitou Opera House after the January 1930 fire destroyed the original boilding.

                Manitou's CPR Log House (1884)

                This article tells the story of Manitou's CPR Log Cabin, built in 1884 to house the railway workers then building the line west to LaRiviere. Ths article also tells of some of the posple who lived in the Log Cabin aver the past century, and of the Cabin's transition to become the Pembina Manitou  Log Cabin Tourism Centre.

                  Special Places - Manitou and Pembina Municipality (1880)

                  One of the first projects reviewing the architectural heritage of the Pembina Municipality. Although the project was completed in conjunction with Manitoba Heritage, most of the local research was carried out by Bette Mueller.