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Nellie McClung Collection

Connections - Writers and the Land - Nellie McClung (1880)

Featuring Nellie McClung, this article comes from a 1974 collection intended to introduce students to Manitoba authors.

    Manitou Opera House - A History (1880)

    Contains a collection of news articles and posters concerning a hundred years of performances at Manitou's Opera Houses.

      McClung - House Move 1967 (1967)

      A captioned photo from the Manitou Western Canadian documenting the move of the McClung house from Manitou to LaRiviere in 1967.

        McClung Houses at Archibald Historical Museum (1880)

        This article recognizeds the importance of the restoration and preservation work undertaken by the Wallcraft Family in order to preserve the Hasselfield Log House and the McClung House. The article includes photos anc several brochures produced for distribution to visitors to the houses while they were at the Museum.

          McClung Memorial - Grey County (0)

          Photo of the memorial dedicated to Nellie McClung displayed in Grey County, Ontario.

            McClung Plaque Unveiled in Wawanesa (0)

            An article from the 2018 Gazette describing the dedication ceremony at the site of the wedding of Wes and Nellie McClung.

              Nellie McClung - article re McClung biographer Candace Savage (0)

              A short article about McClung biographer Candace Savage.

                Nellie McClung - Elsie McLachlan's Mock Parliament Memories (1910)

                Published in the Victoria Times Colonist, this reminiscence by a neice of Nellie McClung recalls her experience of hearing Nellie McClung in her role as Premier Roblin during the Mock Parliament performance at the Walker Theatre.

                  Nellie McClung - Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame (0)

                  An article from the Brandon Sun documenting Nellie McClung's election to the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame.

                    Nellie McClung - Opening of Nellie McClung Collegiate (1963)

                    A news article from the Manitou Western Canadian reporting the opening ceremonies of the Nellie McClung Collegiate in Manitou. 

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