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Accession number Document name Fond(s)
PMA_2023_072094Rees Tony - Arc of the Medicine Line Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072095Reiten Floating Beam PlowManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072096Reo Motor Car Co - ManualManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072097Robinson Fur Pricing - Winnipeg 1965Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072098Royal North West Mounted Police Report - 1882-85Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072099Saskatoon Western Development Museum - 1985 Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072100Sir William Butler - AutobiographyManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072101SKIL Variable Speed Drills - Manual Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072102Starline Model 810 & 830 Rotaspreader Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072103Steiger Tractors Inc - ManualManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072104Sterling - My name Is Seepeetza Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072105Thousand Miles of Prairie - Jim Blanchard ed Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072106University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture - 75 Anniversary ProgramManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072107Unsettling the Settler Within - Paulette ReganPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072108Versatile Self-propelled SwatherManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072109Versatile Self-propelled SwatherManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072110Westco Fertilizer Attachment on CCIL Diskers - 1968 Manual Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072111Westfield Grain Auger - Gas & Electric MotorsManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072112Wheeler Joan - ScrapbookPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072113Whitcomb Ed - A Short History of ManitobaPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072114White W J et al - The Story of Rapeseed in Western CanadaManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072115Blanchard - Promotional BrochureManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072116Butler - The Great Lone Land Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072117Caterpillar 5.125 inch 6 cilinder engines - manual Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072118Caterpillar D6 Tractor - ManualManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072119Caterpillar D6 Tractor - Parts Catalogue Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072120Charyk J C - Those Bittersweet Schooldays Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072121Doughty Arthur - The Acadian ExilesPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072122Encyclopedia of ManitobaPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072123Encyclopedia of Manitoba Part 1Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072124Encyclopedia of Manitoba - Part 2Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072125Encyclopedia of Manitoba - Part 3Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072126Encyclopoedia of Manitoba - Part 4Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072127Encyclopoedia of Manitoba - Part 4Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072129Explorations of Pierre Esprit Radisson - Adams editorPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072130Farm & Home Mechanics' Guide - 1943 Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072131Gray - The Winter YearsPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072132Haig Kennethe - Brave Harvest Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072133Hainstock - Barns of Western CanadaPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072134Hanson T L - Farm Steam Power EraManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072135Hart-Par 30 Tractor - ManualManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072136Hart-Par 30 Tractor Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072137Internal Combustion Engines & Tractors Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072138Kelly N & W - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873-1973Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072139Klancher - The Farmall DynastyManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072140Lord Selkirk of Red River - Morgan GrayPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072141Low A M - Engineering OpportunitiesManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072142MacEwan - Fifty Mighty MenPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072143MacEwan - Sitting Bull - The Years in CanadaPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072144Massey Ferguson MF510 CombineManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072145Massey-Harris 27 Reaper Thresher Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072146McConnell - The Complete FarmerManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072147McCormick-Deering 10-20 & 15-30 Tractors - Manual Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072148Modern Practical Farriery Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072149Mulligan & Ryder - Ghost Towns of ManitobaPembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072150Page - The Modern Gas TractorManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072151The Greatest Manitobans - The Winnipeg Free Press Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072152Turner J P{ - The North-West Mounted Police Vol 1 Pt 1Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072153Turner J P{ - The North-West Mounted Police Vol 1 Pt 2Pembina Manitou Archive
PMA_2023_072154Wisconsin Air-cooled Heavy Duty Engines Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072155Ferguson System Ford Tractor 1941 - Manual with T. J Harrison BioManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072156Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 1Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072157Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 2Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072158Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 3Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072159Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 4Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072160Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 5Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072162Farm Economy - 12 Courses in Agriculture 1921 Pt 6Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072164Atlas for Manitoba Schools 1910Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072165Ferguson-Sherman Plow Book ca 1940 - Promotional BrochureManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072166Ferguson-Sherman Two Row Cultivator ca 1940 - Promotional BrochureManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072167Ford Tractor with Ferguson System - ca 1940 - Flexible FarmingManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072168Ford Tractor with Ferguson System - ca 1940 - Instruction ManualManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072169Ford Tractor with Ferguson System - Implements - ca 1940 - BrochureManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072170Gleason's Veterinary Handbook 1889Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072171John Deere - Farmer's Pocket Ledger - 1932Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072172Physical Life of Women - NapheysManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072173Popular Christmas BookManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072174Practical Guide to Health - Rossiter - Pt 1Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072175Practical Guide to Health - Rossiter - Pt 2Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072177Proceeds of the Canadian Barley and Oil Seeds Conference 1962Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072178Proceeds of the Canadian Barley and Oil Seeds Conference 1964Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072179Rambles and Adventures in the Wilds of the West - HopleyManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072180The Royal Road to LifeManitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072181Spirit of Yesteryear - Montana - 1973Manitoba Agricultural Museum
PMA_2023_072182Morden Times - 1937-01-13
PMA_2023_072183Morden Times - 1937-01-27
PMA_2023_072184Morden Times - 1937-02-10
PMA_2023_072185Morden Times - 1937-02-17
PMA_2023_072186Morden Times - 1937-02-24
PMA_2023_072187Morden Times - 1937-03-03
PMA_2023_072188Morden Times - 1937-03-10
PMA_2023_072189Morden Times - 1937-03-17
PMA_2023_072190Morden Times - 1937-04-14
PMA_2023_072191Morden Times - 1937-04-28
PMA_2023_072192Morden Times - 1937-05-05
PMA_2023_072193Morden Times - 1937-05-19
PMA_2023_072194Morden Times - 1937-05-26
PMA_2023_072195Morden Times - 1937-06-02
PMA_2023_072196Morden Times - 1937-06-09
PMA_2023_072197Morden Times - 1937-07-14

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