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Dominion City

Dominion City, Manitoba is situated east of the Red River near the Manitoba, North Dakota border.

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A Story for Every Mile

This 140 page history of Southern Manitoba by Ed Ledohowski contains many photographs never before seen in publications and features many memoirs from Manitoba's past.

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    Community Histories

    Canada 1812 - 1871 The Formative Years

    This booklet, originally published by Imperial Oil, provides an understanding of the culture of Southern Ontario in the 19th Century. Many of the original settlers of the Pembina Manitou District came from Southern Ontario in the 1880's.


      Family Narratives

      How Dear to My Heart by Carol Roberts (1880)

      How Dear to My Heart, by Carol Roberts, at one time the United Church minister in Miami, outlines her family's history in the Petersfield and Dominion City areas of Manitoba.


        Business & Public Affairs

        Red River Flood 1950 - German Edition (1950)

        A German Language Edition of the History of the 1950 Red River Flood.