An early post office served the district out of the home of the Ruttan family.


Homesteader List - 2-9W (1880)

A listing by quarter section of the homesteaders of 2-9W in Southern Manitoba.

    Family Narratives

    Homesteaders of 2-9w - McKenzie District (1880)

    A historical sketch of the people and families who homesteaded in the McKenzie district of southern Manitoba.

      Architectural Heritage

      Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - 1930 Commemorative Booklet (1880)

      A commemorative booklet which features photos of legislative officials over the past 60 years, comments on provincial development, and photos of regional interest.

        Nor'West Farmer

        Nor'West Farmer 1929 - Selections (0)

        Published in Winnipeg, the Nor'West Farmer emphasized the latest in agricultural research and applied these ideas to real farms. Articles taught do-it-yourself repair and maintenance and raught new techniques in animal husbandry and seeding/harvesting. Along with this there was a sense of fun and games, a real family-based farming digest.

        Use our site's search capability for a list of the Nor'West Farmer issues on file.

          Memoirs & Memories

          Panting - A Historical Survey of Southern Manitoba 12 - Frank J Buchanan - Ruttanville 1953 (1880)

          The primary purpose of this research project, undertaken by Gerald Panting in 1953 for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, was to discover what historical materials were still extant in the South Central district of Manitoba at that time. The secondary purpose was to obtain information about the pioneer days from people who knew about that period from first hand.

          Files have been named based on the community - from Morden to Killarney - in which the pioneer lived in 1953, not according to where they originally settled.


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