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Manitoba City

The original town site, abandoned when the rail line was moved to the south. Most of the buildings originally built in Manitoba City were moved to the Manitou site by 1884-5.

Community Histories

Canada 1812 - 1871 The Formative Years

This booklet, originally published by Imperial Oil, provides an understanding of the culture of Southern Ontario in the 19th Century. Many of the original settlers of the Pembina Manitou District came from Southern Ontario in the 1880's.


    Business & Public Affairs

    Manitoba City - Evolution of a Town - Partnerships with Museums 2021 (1880)

    This monograph is intended to highlight the Pembina Manitou Archive's physical collection, pointing out some of its more unique components. It was published by the Pembina Manitou Archive and the Boundary Trail National Heritage Region as part of the Partnerships with Museums 2021 project. 

    Financial support was provided by the Government of Manitoba.

    It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

    Price $25

    Shipping and Handling $15.



      Manitou (Archibald) Cemetery Files 2015 (1883)

      This file, updated to summer of 2015, contains records in the posession of the Municipality of Pembina along with information displayed on the grave markers in the Cemetery.


        Cemetery Maps/Lists

        Manitou Archibald Cemetery Files 2016

        A listing of the persons buried in the Manitou Archibald Cemetery. We recognize that not all burials have been recorded and would appreciate information which would make our listing more accurate.

        The cemetery was originally associated with the Archibald Community - which existed before Manitou or Manitoba City. Over time, the cemetery has come to be known as the Manitou Cemetery.

        To see photos of the grave stones, please click on the CEMETERIES button at the top of the page and follow the links.


          Memoirs & Memories

          Manitoba City & Harman House - Ken Harman's Letters (1885)

          Ken Harman's reminiscences of life in Manitoba City, written to the White family.



            Pembina Municipality Section/Township/Range Map - North West quadrant (1880)

            Published in 2000, this map shows all of the rural schools in the Pembina Municipality.