Rural Municipality of Pembina

This category is intended to host documents which cover the entire municipality.

Business & Public Affairs

1902 Lisgar Voter's List - Polling Station #40 (1895)

Consisting of the list of electors resident in the Rural Municipality of Pembina in 1902.


    Community Histories

    Archaeology in the Rock and Pelican Lake Area of South Central Manitoba

    Chris Vickers completed a series of archaeological digs in the Mound Builder and Assiniboine sites in Southern Manitoba between 1940 and 1950.

    These reports were prepared for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba and are now in the collection of the University of Manitoba.


      Memoirs & Memories

      Little White School House - Charyk

      Stories of time spent in small rural schools.



        Pembina Municipality Section/Township/Range Map - North East quadrant with Index (1880)

        Published in 2000, this map shows all of the rural schools in the Pembina Municipality.


          What it looks like today


          An Index of Online Newspapers, Winnipeg