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Calf Mountain

Calf Mountain School District # 489 Manitoba Archives MES2 Calf Mountain 489 N24088.

This district is named for the Mound Builder site called Calf Mountain situated south west of the current site of Darlingford, Manitoba. 


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A Story for Every Mile

This 140 page history of Southern Manitoba by Ed Ledohowski contains many photographs never before seen in publications and features many memoirs from Manitoba's past.

It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

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    Community Histories

    Drawing the Line - Ben Kroeker

    Kroeker's photographic study of the reenactment of the Boundary Commission's journey and the celebration of the NWMP journey west.


      Memoirs & Memories

      Memoirs of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 1 Winnipeg (1880)

      A reconstruction of a lost memoir, written by Felix Kuehn.



        Pembina Municipality Section/Township/Range Map - North East quadrant with Index (1880)

        Published in 2000, this map shows all of the rural schools in the Pembina Municipality.