Pembina Crossing School

Pembina Crossing School District #324 Manitoba Archive MES2 Pembina Crossing 324 N23026

Community Histories

Kaleidoscope (1880)

Kaleidoscope is the history of the early pioneers and their descendants of Kaleida, Overdale, Riverdale and Pembina Crossing. This document is hosted by Manitobia.


    Business & Public Affairs

    Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - 1930 Commemorative Booklet (1880)

    A commemorative booklet which features photos of legislative officials over the past 60 years, comments on provincial development, and photos of regional interest.



      Pembina Municipality Section/Township/Range Map - North East quadrant with Index (1880)

      Published in 2000, this map shows all of the rural schools in the Pembina Municipality.


        Audio & Video

        Pembinaires - Wagon Wheels (1966)

        Lea Collection - A recording from 1966 featuring Laurie Lea, Percy Lea, George Sanders, and Dr John Boxall.


          Photos & Art Work

          Providing Context - The Cecil Guest Collection (1899)

          This article with photographs is intended to provide information on the life and experiences of Cecil F Guest while he was in Southern Manitoba. The documents concerning his life are now much more accessible because of the work of such groups as Ancestry.UK.



            Richard N Lea - Migratory Bird Journal and General Notes (1883)

            R N Lea was interested in the seasons and the wildlife to be found in this new district to which he had brought his family. He added short notes to this journal over a seventeen year period.


            Fond: Lea Family