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Lyleton is a small village in the southwest corner of Manitoba.

Community Histories

Duncan, Hal G. - The South-West Corner (1881)

A short history of the communities of the south west cornner of Manitoba.



    Manitoba Histories

    La Riviere Manitou Station on Main Museum - Partnerships with Museums 2021 - La Riviere to Lyleton (1880)

    This monograph is intended to highlight the museum's history, its relationship to the other communities on the line, and pointing out some of the anecdotes from along the line. It was published by the Pembina Manitou Archive and the Boundary Trail National Heritage Region as part of the Partnerships with Museums 2021 project. 

    Financial support was provided by the Government of Manitoba.

    It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

    Price $25

    Shipping and Handling $15.


      Memoirs & Memories

      Lyleton MB - 1869-1969 Gnawing at the Past (1880)

      A short history of this south western Manitoba community.



        Maps of Western Manitoba - Ledohowski ed.

        A collection of maps featuring the south west cornder of Manitoba.


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