Plum Coulee

A community in South Central Manitoba.

Community Histories

Origin of the Name Manitoba - French

Booklet published by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation, Historic Resources Branch.

Please recognize the attitudes expressed in these bulletins may not reflect current attitudes.


    Plum Coulee Elevator Museum (1975)

    A brochure inviting the public to a unique museum setting in the former Manitoba Pool elevator in Plum Coulee.


      Post Road and Early Trails - Manitoba (1880)

      A map showing many of the early trails used by the first inhabitants of the Province.


        RCMP March West - Ceremonial Departure - Program 1999 a (1880)

        A momento of the reenactment of the NWMP trek west.


          Red Coat Trail - The Thin Red Line 1995 (1995)

          This book celebrates the reenactment of the march west of the NWMP.


            Stone Ted - The Story Behind Manitoba Place Names (1880)

            This popular book tells the story of the names of many small towns and cities in Manitoba.


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