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A community in western Manitoba.

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A Story for Every Mile

This 140 page history of Southern Manitoba by Ed Ledohowski contains many photographs never before seen in publications and features many memoirs from Manitoba's past.

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    Family Narratives

    Criddle-De-Diddle-Ensis - Alma Criddle

    A memoir of the Criddle/Vane families of Aweem near Wawanesa, Manitoba.


      Business & Public Affairs

      Galaxy of Western Editors - Manitoba 1911 (1910)

      Introductory photos of the newspaper editors of Manitoba's newspapers in 1911 (from a Western Canadian collection).


        Nellie McClung Collection

        McClung - VRBCA - Clearing in the West (1880)

        A collection of articles and news clippings referencing the publication of Nellie McClung's first autobiography. These documents were collected in Nellie McClung's sarapbooks and are now held in the MS0010 Nellie McClung Fond at the Royal British Columbia Archive.



          Wawanesa Enterprise - 1892-12-23 (1892)

          An issue of the Wawanesa Enterprise newspaper.