Star Mound

This glacial moraine hill has been a territorial guide and gathering cite for centuries. A turtle shaped mound can be found on the height of the hill. The Star Mound school roiginally sat below the height of the hill, but was moved to the top when the community decided to create a historic site.

Community Histories

Archaeology in the Rock and Pelican Lake Area of South Central Manitoba

Chris Vickers completed a series of archaeological digs in the Mound Builder and Assiniboine sites in Southern Manitoba between 1940 and 1950.

These reports were prepared for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba and are now in the collection of the University of Manitoba.



    Manitoba Buffalo Hunting Trails (1880)

    This short article outlines the two best known trails used by the buffalo hunters as they wended their way from the Red River Settlement to the Missouri for the annual buffalo hunt.


      Architectural Heritage

      Star Mound

      Star Mound has been a well known gathering site for centuries and was one of the sites consistently mentioned by the early explorers of Manitoba. On the height of the hiss is a turtle shaped mound. The Star Mound school originally stood below the height of the hill, but was moved to the height by the community to provide a focus for their heritage site. 


        Family Narratives

        Star Mound - Alvin Falk

        A history of the community centred around the Aboriginal Heritage Site on Star Mound, Manitoba.


          Memoirs & Memories

          Windsor Lynne E - A Memoir (1910)

          A memoir of life in the McKenzie District of Southern Manitoba.


            What it looks like today