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One of the Mennonite Villages in the West Reserve in Southern Manitoba.

Community Histories

Blumenfeld - Where Land and People Meet (1880)

A community History of Blumenfeld, Manitoba published in 1981 by the Blumenfeld Historical Committee.


    Family Narratives

    Grant, Agnes - No End of Grief - Indian Residential Schools in Canada (1880)

    An account addressing the experiences of First Nations children in the residential schools.


      Photos & Art Work

      Hime H L - Photographer - Hind Expedition (1858)

      The collection of photographs taken by H. L. Hime during the summer of 1858 while in service of the Hind Expedition to Red River, Manitoba and Assiniboia.


        Memoirs & Memories

        Little White School House - Charyk

        Stories of time spent in small rural schools.



          Manitoba Buffalo Hunting Trails (1880)

          This short article outlines the two best known trails used by the buffalo hunters as they wended their way from the Red River Settlement to the Missouri for the annual buffalo hunt.


            Veterans' Experience

            North-West Mounted Police - Route Map 1874-75

            Map published in conjunction with 'The North-West Mounted Police 1873-1893. Vol.1 by John Peter Turner.



              What They Wore - A Visual History of Dress - Douglas Gorsline

              An excellent resource for anyone interested in period costumes.


                How it looks today