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Community Histories

Archibald District History (1880)

A selection of photographs, memoirs, and historical sketches concerning the Archibald Methodist (United) Church, the Archibald School District, and its early settlers in Southern Manitoba.


    Archibald Homesteaders (1880)

    A list of those who first registered homesteads in the Archibald (4-9) district.


      Archibald Methodist Church - Historical Sketches (1880)

      Photographs and documents regarding the Archibald Methodist Church.


        Archibald Methodist Church - A Historical Sketch (1880)

        A collection of documents and photographs collected at the time of the dedication of the restored church at Archibald Historical Museum.


          Archibald Methodist Church - Session Minutes 1881-1886 (1881)

          Describe the formation of the church and its early development in the community of Archibald, Manitoba.


            Archibald School - Photo Collection to 1962 (1890)

            A series of photographs from the Archibald Historical Museum collection of students and teachers who associated with the Archibald School.


              Archibald school District - Family Memorial Book to 1962 (1890)

              A collection of family names and signatures collected at the closing ceremony for the Archibald School in 1962.


                CPR and the Lost Towns of the Pembina Hills - Partnerships with Museums 2021 (1880)

                This monograph is intended to support the research of the Darlingford School Museum. describing short histories of some of the first communities in the district and their demise at the arrival of the railroad. It was published by the Pembina Manitou Archive and the Boundary Trail National Heritage Region as part of the Partnerships with Museums 2021 project. 

                Financial support was provided by the Government of Manitoba.

                It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

                Price $25

                Shipping and Handling $15


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