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Austin - Manitoba Agricultural Museum

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum consists of architecural and industrial displays which feature aspects of Mantoba's rural agricultural heritage. It hosts an annual exhibition during which vintage vehicles and implements can be seen at work as they were originally intended.

Book Store

A Story for Every Mile

This 140 page history of Southern Manitoba by Ed Ledohowski contains many photographs never before seen in publications and features many memoirs from Manitoba's past.

It is for sale from the PMA by contacting

Price $60

Shipping and Handling $25.



    Atlas for Manitoba Schools 1910

    This 1910 atlas features Manitoba as the postage stamp province and emphasizes the rail lines which served the province at that time.


      Manitoba Histories

      From Wheat to Flour - 1981

      A how-to manual on grain processing and flour production.


        Stories & Poems

        Holroyd G H - Christmas Dramatic Book

        A collection of Christmas pageant materials.


          Family Narratives

          Lobb, Tom & Stella - Manitoba Agricultural Museum Memoir

          A memoir celebrating one of manitoba's farming families.


            Recipe Collections

            Memoirs & Memories

            Manitoba Agricultural College - Calendar 1913-14 (1913)

            A Manitoba Agricultural Collegs yearbook.


              Veterans' Experience & War Effort

              McColl Frontenac - Harvest Gold - War Edition

              Promoting the war effort to the agricultural community during WW2.



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