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A community in western Manitoba.

Community Histories

CPR Pembina mountain Branch Line - Railway Post

INitially, before Canada Post existed, mail was carried by rail to many communities which later faded away.


    Drawing the Line - Ben Kroeker

    Kroeker's photographic study of the reenactment of the Boundary Commission's journey and the celebration of the NWMP journey west.


      Drawing the Line - Book Signing and Sale - Poster (1880)

      A publicity poster for promotion of 'Drawing the Line' a celebration of the BTBHR recognition of the Boundary Commission and the NWMP trek west.


        Duncan - The South West Corner (1880)

        A short history of the southwestern corner of Manitoba.


          Duncan, Hal G. - The South-West Corner (1881)

          A short history of the communities of the south west cornner of Manitoba.



            From Furs to Farms (1850)

            Booklet published by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation, Historic Resources Branch.

            Please recognize the attitudes expressed in these bulletins may not reflect current attitudes.


              From Wooden Ploughs to Welfare - Helen Buckley

              A history of the experience of prairie indigenous first nations in making th etransition from a buffalo based economy to a setler/colonial economy.


                Grant, Agnes - No End of Grief - Indian Residential Schools in Canada (1880)

                An account addressing the experiences of First Nations children in the residential schools.


                  Heritage of the Central Plains

                  A heritage brochure published by the Manitoba HIstoric Resources Branch  promoting the Central Plains of Southern Manitoba.


                    Heritage of the North

                    A heritage brochure published by the Manitoba HIstoric Resources Branch  promoting Northern Manitoba.


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