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Arni Sveinsson - Biography - A Typical Farmer (1880)

Arni Sveinsson, a diarist from the Frey School district south of Glenboro, provided this short biography at the end of his collected Published Articles.


    Arni Sveinsson - Diary 1893-4 (1893)

    Icelandic Canadian Diarist Arni Sveinsson lived in the Frey School District south of Glenboro, Manitoba during the settlement period.


      Arni Sveinsson Diary - Grund District, Manitoba (1880)

      Arni Sveinsson, born in 1851, came to Canada from Iceland in 1876 and eventually settled in the Grund District in Southern Manitoba. Arni was an ardent diarist and letter writer. This selection from his diary was translated by his grandson, Arni Sveinsson Jr.


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