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AK-Kingsley_Laing House - Jim Willox mason

Built in 1896, this was probably the last of the stone houses built by Jim WIllox in the district.

    Kuehn, Felix - Biography of Cecil Francis Guest

    Cecil Francis Guest was one of the outstanding photographers of the Pembina Manitou District, working here from 1900 to 1906.

      Memoir of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 2 The Manitoba Boom

      A historical Reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

        Memoir of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 3 An Introduction to Pembina Crossing

        A historical reconstruction by Felix Kuehn. 

          Memoir of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 4 The Eden of Manitoba

          A historical reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

            Memoirs of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 1 Winnipeg

            A reconstruction of a lost memoir, written by Felix Kuehn.

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              Murder in the Flowerbed - The Death of Ed Bailey

              Felix Kuehn tells the story of the death of Manitou district pioneer Ed Bailey.

                Pembina Crossing - Ch 7 - A History

                Felix Kuehn's short history of the community at Pembina Crossing.

                  Pembina Crossing - Oil and Gas Exploration

                  A history of the different exploration projects which took place in the early 1900s in the Pembina Crossing district.

                    Richard N. Lea's Migratory Bird Journal - Transcription by Felix Kuehn

                    A transcription by Felix Kuehn with added articles and newspaper references to R. N. Lea's work as a naturalist.

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