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Manitou Builders - Mueller & Butterfield

A survey of early architectural styles in homes built by Manitou's best known architect/builders. 

    Manitou Gas Company Plant - Seven Drawings

    An architectural survey of the Manitou Gas Company Plant building. This project was a partnership between the Pembina Manitou Culture and Heritage Association and Heritage Manitoba. 

      Manitou Opera House 1930 - Architectural Drawings

      The Manitou Opera House was designed by G F Magee and built by Blackburn Construction of Pilot Mound Manitoba in 1930.

        Manitou Opera House 1930 - Blueprints

        These blueprints were prepared by a former Manitou carpenter, Gordon Mcgee in preparation for the construction of the Manitou Opera House after the January 1930 fire destroyed the original boilding.

          Manitou Opera House 2015 - Blueprints

          Designed by Steckley and Associates of Winkler, with much help from the Manitou Opera House Foundation, these drawings reflect the intent of the Foundation - to ensure the new building complemented the original design of the Manitou Opera House.

            Manitou's CPR Log House

            This article tells the story of Manitou's CPR Log Cabin, built in 1884 to house the railway workers then building the line west to LaRiviere. Ths article also tells of some of the posple who lived in the Log Cabin aver the past century, and of the Cabin's transition to become the Pembina Manitou  Log Cabin Tourism Centre.

              Manitou's Gas House

              Lorne Thompson's report on the Manitou Gas House, which provided lighting to the homes and businesses of the community from 1906 to 1928, contains illustrations and photograph of the machinery used to produce the acetylene gas. The Gas House itself is one of Manitou's heritage buildings.

                Special Places - Manitou and Pembina Municipality

                One of the first projects reviewing the architectural heritage of the Pembina Municipality. Although the project was completed in conjunction with Manitoba Heritage, most of the local research was carried out by Bette Mueller.

                  Star Mound

                  Star Mound has been a well known gathering site for centuries and was one of the sites consistently mentioned by the early explorers of Manitoba. On the height of the hiss is a turtle shaped mound. The Star Mound school originally stood below the height of the hill, but was moved to the height by the community to provide a focus for their heritage site. 

                    The Former Manitou Gas Company Plant

                    Manitou was served by an acetylene gas plant from 1906 to 1926. The gas plant building still stands in north west Manitou. Lorne Thompson researched this architecural artefact as part of a Heritage Manitoba project.

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