The Settlement Period

1880 - 1913

Documents the origins of the community through to the beginning of the first world war.

Memoirs & Memories

1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource (2012)

This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

    Asmundur Asmundson: Man Without Feet (1880)

    Asmundur, who lived his final years with Siggi and Sena Anderson, lost his feet in a snow storm in Iceland, yet survived to live a productive life in the Baldur District.

      Available On Line - Manitoba's Newspapers (1880)

      This is a listing of all Manitoba newspaper which we currently are aware are available online. We will pdate the listing as we become aware of changes.

        B. K. & Claire Johnson's Centennial HIstory - 1970 (1880)

        A short family history published during Manitoba's Centennial year.

          Buchanan Collection - Photos of Early Generations (1880)

          A collection of photos of the Buchanan and Windsor clan from their first decades in the McKenzie District.

            Buchanan Collection - Recollections (1880)

            An anonymous series of recollections about early days in the district.

              Buchanan Collection - This Business of Farming - Part 1 (1890)

              A collection of documents concerning the Buchanan farming operation from the 1890s to the 1920s.

                Buchannan, Frank J - McKenzie District Recollections (1880)

                Recollections of Frank J Buchannan who arrived in the McKenzie District of Southern Manitoba as a child in the 1880s.

                  Eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred (1880)

                  This typed copy of the eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred came to us through Lena Thorleifson's collection of documents. Sigurborg was Lena's mother. We do not know who gave the eulogy at her funeral.

                    Fargey, Isabella - Memories of Other Days - LaRiviere Memoir (1880)

                    A short memoir of early 20th century LaRiviere with a collection of period photos.

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