Post World War II Growth

1946 - 1960

Following the second world war, a new period of affluence and focus on the family led to a new building boom in the area.

Business & Public Affairs

1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource (2012)

This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

    Available On Line - Manitoba's Newspapers (1880)

    This is a listing of all Manitoba newspaper which we currently are aware are available online. We will pdate the listing as we become aware of changes.

      Barclay School Reunion & Historical Notes (1880)

      News articles and speech texts prepared for delivery at the Barclay School Reunion.

        Farming at Fairbrook (1880)

        This collection of Lea Family photographs indicates how farming practices, and especially machinery, has changed over the past hundred years.

          Immanuel lutheran Church 50th Celebration - Baldur MB (1907)

          The programme of the 50th Celebration of the Immanuel Luthernan Church held in Baldur in 1957.

            List of Electors 1945 New Haven (1945)

            List of Electors 1945 New Haven

              List of Electors 1949 New Haven (1949)

              List of Electors 1949 New Haven

                List of Electors 1957 New Haven (1957)

                List of Electors 1957 New Haven

                  Manitoba Pool Elevators - Manitou Glee Club Program (1955)

                  The Manitou Glee Club entertained at a Manitoba Pool Elevators concerence in 1959. This is the commemorative program created for the event.

                    Nellie McClung - Commemorative Pamphlet (1880)

                    A commemorative pamphlet published in honour of Nellie McClung by the Manitoba Travel and Convention Association in 1965 and written by M. J. G. McMullen.

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