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Durham, Marg - Family Reflections of WW1 - Hodgson, Lawley, Moody

Marg Durham collected references to her family and friends from newspapers, letters, and stories which she typed into a chronological narrative. This small part of that collection refers to the period of the First World War.

    Eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred

    This typed copy of the eulogy for Sigurborg Gottfred came to us through Lena Thorleifson's collection of documents. Sigurborg was Lena's mother. We do not know who gave the eulogy at her funeral.

      Fargey, Isabella - Memories of Other Days - LaRiviere Memoir

      A short memoir of early 20th century LaRiviere with a collection of period photos.

        Faryon, Thring - Pioneer Days in Belmont District

        A memoir written in the mid 1950s by Thring Faryon concerning their first few years in the Belmont District.

          Gottfred - Our Family Tree - 1971

          This Genealogy  of the Gottfred family was collected by Vilmar and Hilda Magnusson in 1971.

            Horn, Elizabeth - A Beautiful Home

            A poem written and decorated with dried flowere in honour of a friend.

              Hughes Family in Western Canada

              A family history of the Hughes Family as told by the descendants in the New Haven District of Pembina Municipality

                HUGHES Geordie - Personal Memories

                This document contains a collection of memories of life in this district.

                  JACKSON, Richard & Parker, Margaret - Family History

                  The family story of the Jacksons, who loaned their name to the Jckson Hall and commiunity.

                    Johann Gottfred & Sigurborg Pallsdottir

                    This document contains a brief review of the family's history in Iceland and the first generations in Canada.

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